The end of the name "Minteck" (2018-2022)

The end of the name "Minteck" (2018-2022)
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

The name "Minteck" was picked out of sight back in 2018, but I feel like it has been overused, especially in the past few months, and what it means has become more fuzzy as time passed.

Below is a list of all new and old usernames, changes take effect as soon as this article releases.

Platform Old Name New Name
Minecraft MinteckPony RaindropsSys
Twitter MinteckPony scootspone
Discord MinteckPony#2245 Raindrops#2245
YouTube* Minteck Scoots Raindrops minteck RaindropsSys Minteck Raindrops
Reddit* Minteck Raindrops
GitHub minteck RaindropsSys
Nintendo MintsPony Raindrops
SoundCloud minteck raindrops_sys

*Only display name is affected