The future of Minteck Projects

The future of Minteck Projects
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Earlier today, I announced that I would be completely stopping Minteck Projects. There are a few things I would like to add after what I said during the livestream and I'd like to present the future of all my projects.

A replay version of the livestream can be found on a video in Minteck Projects' YouTube Channel (for more videos, you can also subscribe to my channel).

The future of PinPages

I know that some people created an account on PinPages, posted some content, had much fun. Unfortunately, PinPages was closed today; which means you cannot access your account anymore.

If you want to request deletion of your data, or get a copy of your data before it is permanently deleted, you can send me an email and if I am able to prove your ownership of the account, you will get a copy of your data.

However, if I cannot prove you own your account, I can legally deny your request. Also, even if you don't request deletion, all PinPages users data will be permanently deleted in early september.

What will happen with Neutron?

Neutron will still be in active development. Neutron 10 21H1 came out today and I expect to release new versions every 6 months of so. Nothing will change for Neutron, except all mentions of Minteck Projects has been removed starting with Neutron 10 21H1.

Neutron Cloud, a new cloud service that helps you easily get a Neutron website, has been officially launched. You can now request a website and get your own with quite some space for free.

What about Kartik?

Kartik will stay as-is. Kartik 21.08 has been branched today and will later be available in the EAP channel, so you can enjoy all the new features we introduced in this update.

Kartik itself didn't have so many mentions of Minteck Projects, but rather many mentions of Cutefox Studios, the suposedly studio producing Kartik; these mentions will totally be removed both on the website and the game itself in early september.

Any new projects?


Electrode, a fast and powerful Web server for Neutron is now officially released and considered stable enough.

Even though it is stable, it is not really meant to be used in a production environment, as the current version (1.0.10) is missing many features I wanted to introduce in Electrode (such as the support for reverse proxies).

Minteck Hub

Minteck Hub is now the all-in-one account for all Minteck's services. You can use it to report bugs, play online in Kartik, and maybe even manage your Neutron website in the future.

It is a central point of login that you use across all services. And you know what's best? You don't need to remember one more password! You can use your GitHub, GitLab, or Microsoft account to securely login and transfer your username and profile picture; you won't even need to remember a password.

Minteck Hub is usable, but the home page is currently empty and will be filled up soon.

Minteck's YouTrack

Minteck Hub uses JetBrains Hub. And YouTrack is another JetBrains product that integrates very well with Hub. Therefore, I decided to use YouTrack as my bug tracker.

YouTrack have a simple and clean UI, and it allows you to report bugs without even having to create an account; so everyone can easily report any bug they encounter.

I created YouTrack projects for every single stuff I manage. From Kartik's centralized server to Neutron; everything is there!

Kartik Online

Kartik Online is a much awaited feature. It extends what you can do with Kartik's online servers. When you login to Kartik Online using your Minteck Hub account, you can sync your save data so you can continue playing on any device.

It also enables a level system, where you can try to reach the highest level possible. Your level goes up as you play so you should continue!


This project was already there for quite a bit, but now it is officially open!

UnchainedTech is a « technology-centric » blog whose writers talk about all technology stuff. Currently we only talked about Android and Windows, but more articles may be coming soon. It's actually pretty easy to have the ideas, but not that easy to write the actual article.

If you know quite a bit of techy stuff, you can contact me and maybe become an UnchainedTech writer!

The Code of Conduct

If this is the first time you come across this website, you may not have seen it directly; but there is a « Code of Conduct » link at the bottom of each page.

This new Code of Conduct specifies the basic rules of every community I manage. Whether it is UnchainedTech's comments or my Discord server, every community needs to abide to this Code of Conduct.


So that's it. I think I summarized pretty well what's next. The pandemic probably affected what I think of Minteck Projects, but the lack of actual support from potential users and actually accurate stats was really missing; which lead me to stop this.

Now, I rather work on projects more for myself than for others. I develop stuff that is useful for me (for example I learned many things while developing Kartik), and that may be useful for others (that's actually the purpose of libre and open-source software, isn't it?).

All in all, you think what you think, I still do my stuff, but in a more personal and disorganized way.

Thanks for reading!