Taking a step back

Taking a step back
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Last year, I decided to consider myself part of the furry fandom, and today I'm taking this decision back.

Before we dive further, I must tell that I have nothing against furries. They all do an amazing work, and I like their work nevertheless.

I have nothing against you, specifically reading this, but more generally against the vibe going in the fandom.

The reasons

When I initially joined, back in February 2021, I thought not-safe-for-work content was uncommon; but I may have been wrong about that. Browsing r/furry (and — in general — other furry-related places) led me to quite a lot of NSFW stuff, more than expected, or almost-NSFW content (an amount of content I didn't find in other communities).

Aside from that, the general "everyone is gay" vibe has been annoying me. It was fun at first but it ended up being really annoying, maybe to the point of being toxic.

I also have personal reasons for leaving the fandom, mainly due to mental health during this year.

What does it mean?

I'm not sure how it will affect what the public see from me, but so far:

  • I may not post any furry-related content anymore (text, images, video, ...);
  • I may stop following furry artists on social media (e.g. Twitter);
  • I will stop participating in public furry spaces (e.g. r/furry, Discord servers);
  • I will still continue communicating with people I consider friends, even if they are furries;
  • I may still continue listening to furry music, to a more limited extent

How this will affect my projects?

It is highly possible that this change will not negatively affect my projects. So far:

  • I will remove any mentions of furry content in my projects (Foxperson is exempt from this change);
  • Mentions of some "obviously furry" anthropomorphic creatures (e.g. software mascots) may also be removed;
  • The release of Project Sattelite will be delayed due to numerous changes required (removal of the word "furry" across all pages, artwork changes, ...)
  • The Fluffy Friends Matrix room and Discord server may or may not change name.

Not a lot of my projects make reference to furry-related content, so this change doesn't affect many projects. Archived/deprecated projects shouldn't need to be affected either.

So where am I going?

I recently got started to the My Little Pony fandom (especially Friendship is Magic) fandom, and I like it; I really like it. Joining this fandom made me realize how I was unhappy as a furry. Believe it or not, but being a brony seems more enjoyable to me than being a furry.

Thanks for everyone welcoming me to the herd! I highly appreciate that! I have been quietly listening to brony music from PrinceWhateverer for a while now, and finally getting my paws hooves (?) into it makes me happy!

And while we were talking about the Fluffy Friends community, feel free to contact me if you have name ideas; it should be appealing to both furries and bronies (I kinda like the name Paws and Hooves, or the other way around, tell me what you think).

I already changed my profile picture and social bio to My Little Pony-related content, and I hope to let the bad stuff behind. I also created a dedicated website (pony.minteck.org), but please note it is not meant to replace my main website.

With all that said, I just hope you are not disappointed by this change, and I hope I move forward to try out new things and be happier!

I wish a happy new year to every single of you, and I hope your 2022 year will be as good as I hope mine will be.

Thanks for reading this article.